Monday, 5 June 2017

Clothing writing

I've been cared for. I'm grey and short sleeved. I have been privileged to have been worn.
I'm made for hikes and winter sports like soccer. I'm bright and dark.
I get to play outside.
My owner thinks I look cool. Also he does a ton of what I'm made for so he can wear me lots. I can be worn with thermals.  He washes me so he can use me lots and he can be doing lots of hikes and winter sports and summer sports that's why he takes care of me so he can look fabulous playing or doing what he's doing with me.
I'm his favourite shirt by far.  He says all the time that I'm cool because my colours go with the other colours on me and he likes my colours.
My owner is called Isaac, he takes care of me and goes running with me.  
I have a good life because I'm cared for and loved and not just chucked in the cupboard and never get worn.

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