Wednesday, 14 June 2017

High ropes

High ropes experience

I was at the high rope activity at Wainui camp. I felt excited because I heard that it was really a good challenge and good to experience. When I was listening to the instructor he told our group how to put on a harness and the helmet. I got even more excited because it was really close until we could start doing the high rope.  When it was my turn I clipped up with the safety ropes I waited for the belayers to prove that they were good enough to belay me when I could get on I jumped up and started climbing. 

 When I got to the third step of the ladder it got hard and I was starting to struggle because the ladder pieces were getting further in the gap between the ladder pieces, they were getting like a meter and a half away but I still it least got to the fourth piece of the ladder.

After having my go on the the high ropes I felt that I did well because the high ropes were actually way harder than I thought it would be, so I didn't get as high as I wanted to get because of the gaps between the ladder pieces.  My legs were feeling sore and I had the cramp because of the big gaps. 

Overall I learnt about myself that  no matter how hard I try I can't reach the 5th step because my legs aren't big enough to make the step.

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