Thursday, 28 September 2017


Have you ever been to Europe? 
Well I have!

This is about when I went to live in France with my family, when I was 4 and a half years old.
We lived in a city called Bordeaux.
We moved there for 18 months for my Dad’s job. 

To get to France we took 4 planes! 
It is the furthest country away from New Zealand. 
We were a long way from home!

When we got to Bordeaux it was the summer holidays. 
During the holidays I turned 5. 
In France the school year begins in September. 
I went to a French speaking school called Rue La Grange.
On my first day of school I couldn't speak much French, so Dad told me to watch what everyone else did to get a picture in my mind of what I should be doing.

It was hard at first but one of my friends called Oscar could speak English because his Dad was from England, so that helped me settle in.

I made lots of friends and it wasn't long before I could speak with them in French.

Our school day started at 8.35am and finished at 4.45pm, but we didn't go to school on a Wednesday.

When we moved back to New Zealand we got to visit some countries. 
The first one we visited was Italy, we went to Venice. 
In Venice we did a lot of walking and we had lots of gelato, which is ice cream. 
Mum and Dad would bribe us with gelato to keep walking.

Then we went to Greece and we went on a boat to go to a town called Santorini.
It used to be a volcano until it exploded. 

We stayed in a cave house on the side of the hill and you couldn't flush toilet paper down the toilet. 

We also rode a donkey and my one stopped and weed on the donkey behind it!

The last place we visited was Amsterdam in the Netherlands. I liked Amsterdam but it was rainy and cold and we were excited to be going home the next day to New Zealand to see all our family and friends. 

When we got back to Christchurch there were like 30 friends and family waiting for us at the airport with signs and balloons. 
It was great to be home!

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