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I think this shows the heart of Waimairi because it shows friendship.

Week 9
This week we went to Kyoto and it seemed like it was the tourist city because there were like zero tourists in all the other city's  and there were tones in Kyoto. We went on lots of walks that were really Japanese and lots of small but detailed walks and all the gutters in the walks were bamboo.

Week 8
This week I was in Japan and I was in Tokyo. The cool thing was there were no street lamps the whole place was lit up with the building lights and they were all colored and in cool shapes.
Then we went to Yokohama our view was amazing there was a ferris wheel and at night you couldn't see the ferris wheel but there were lights on it so you could lights it so it looked like fireworks and there were other rides that lit up and they were really cool. Also we went on this walk with heaps of cool temples and pathways also bridges.

Week 6 
This week we started sharing our speeches to the class but that was only like nine people 
Have you ever been to Europe? 
Well I have!

This is about when I went to live in France with my family, when I was 4 and a half years old.
We lived in a city called Bordeaux.
We moved there for 18 months for my Dad’s job. 

To get to France we took 4 planes! 
It is the furthest country away from New Zealand. 
We were a long way from home!

When we got to Bordeaux it was the summer holidays. 
During the holidays I turned 5. 
In France the school year begins in September. 
I went to a French speaking school called Rue La Grange.
On my first day of school I couldn't speak much French, so Dad told me to watch what everyone else did to get a picture in my mind of what I should be doing.

It was hard at first but one of my friends called Oscar could speak English because his Dad was from England, so that helped me settle in.

I made lots of friends and it wasn't long before I could speak with them in French.

Our school day started at 8.35am and finished at 4.45pm, but we didn't go to school on a Wednesday.

When we moved back to New Zealand we got to visit some countries. 
The first one we visited was Italy, we went to Venice. 
In Venice we did a lot of walking and we had lots of gelato, which is ice cream. 
Mum and Dad would bribe us with gelato to keep walking.

Then we went to Greece and we went on a boat to go to a town called Santorini.
It used to be a volcano until it exploded. 

We stayed in a cave house on the side of the hill and you couldn't flush toilet paper down the toilet. 

We also rode a donkey and my one stopped and weed on the donkey behind it!

The last place we visited was Amsterdam in the Netherlands. I liked Amsterdam but it was rainy and cold and we were excited to be going home the next day to New Zealand to see all our family and friends. 

When we got back to Christchurch there were like 30 friends and family waiting for us at the airport with signs and balloons. 
It was great to be home!

Also we started all finishing our sculpture art but I was only halfway through because my group still hadn't finished their plan! When I group finished their plans we finished the staircase off because it didn't look good without the paint because there were patches that had been stuck on. Also we did our calendar art and I did a sport theme but it's coloured in by ripped pieces of paper glued What I'm making I'm making the stairs to heaven miniaturised to a metre and found art version.

Who I'm working with I'm working with Ethan and Tejas.

What we need grey paint, duct tape, cardboard and scissors.

Key competency 
My key competency is to not get distracted because I look at other activities a lot and to bring everything I need to bring because if I don't my group will not be able to make the staircase.

Where I'm working.
 I'm working on the art table.

Step one is to cut the cardboard out into rectangular prisms each time you cut one make it smaller and skinnier do this 6 times.
The next step is to get the duck tape and to stick all the rectangular prisms into the shape of a staircase.

Step three is to paint the staircase grey.

Step four is to let the paint dry..

Week 5
This week we did the arts rotation and we did the music this week.
My group was Hamish G, Ethan and Niko.
These are the things we used we used drumsticks, spoons glass, plastic bottles, folders and containers.
For our music we all did the same thing but we had different things so it sounded different and better with all the equipment but found the same rhythm.
Also we had to share what we came up with and we went first. 
Overall I think we did well on what me and my group came up with.

Week 2-4
Week 4 this week we had some people getting started on their sculptures and everyone else was doing their plan, sweet think wonder and researching there artist
because we had to finish by next week.
Week 3 this week we carried on with researching this time I got on to see think wonder the first one I did was a found art one a weaved cutlery thing and the one I did for the sculptures was the staircase to heaven it went well because it was big enough to see all the details so I could get it done easily.
Week 2 this week we started planning and researching sculptors and found art and sculptures. Found art is things recycled and just lying round in your house. Sculptures are things that you by the equipment to make the sculpture.
The person I did for my research was Neil Dawson he is a sculptor and he is 69 years old born in Christchurch 1948.

Week 1
In the art gallery there was this mannequin called Hori. When you were a long way away he looked like he was real and was staring at you I got really freaked out because I thought he was real and I did something wrong because I was touching something but you were aloud to touch the thing I was touching.
His arms were folded weirdly because he looked like this
And he looked really real.
From a distance you would think you're in trouble because he's made to frown and stares seriously.

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